Office Cleaning


Office cleaning

When rooms and surfaces are cleaned regularly and to a high standard, your premises will be a healthy place to work.

Regular standard cleaning helps to maintain good indoor air quality, and cleanliness and tidiness also impact your employees’ productivity.

Ever since our company was founded, we have been cleaning offices and business premises thoroughly and professionally. A good working atmosphere, along with the well-being and working capacity of our personnel, are vital to us and we continually invest in them. Our employees take professional pride in their work and we have a low personnel turnover rate.

This ensures not only a good workplace community, but also consistently high-quality cleaning for our clients.

In addition to standard cleaning, we also carry out scheduled and seasonal cleaning in offices and other business premises to maintain healthy indoor air quality. One of these specialised services is surface dust cleaning.

Over time, surface dust will accumulate on ceiling structures and pipes. Dust drifting across pipes lowers indoor air quality. We work with our clients to determine a suitable interval for cleaning ceiling structures. We always recommend any other seasonal or scheduled cleaning that would be appropriate for our clients’ premises. We ensure that our recommendations are suitable for keeping our clients’ premises clean, tidy and presentable.

We also make sure that specialised cleaning is carried out at the necessary and appropriate intervals.

Client benefits

  • Consistently high-quality work all year round, even through summer holidays and muddy weather
  • Adaptable services that are quick to react to changes
  • We continually develop our services together with our clients


We will be happy to answer any questions you may have concerning our services.